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4B-I - 4B" Base with Isolator

Detector Bases

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems

The new 4B-I 4” Isolator base is designed to snap-fit to the ceiling tile adaptor or it can screw fix to a ceiling in the traditional manner. The 4B-I 4” base is designed specifically for use with the FC460 series detectors and provides protection against short circuit faults on the FireClass digital addressable loop.



·         For use with the FC460 series detectors

·         Compact rigid design that improves the appearance and is easy to install

·         Drives a remote indicator

·         Up to 250 x 4B-I 4” isolators can be connected on each loop

·         Snap fit to the time saver ceiling tile adaptor

·         Detector locking pin included

·         Detector park position for service and commissioning,

·         Break-outs for surface mount



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