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FC460H - Heat Detector

FC460 Series Detectors

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems

The FC460H is a flexible cost­ effective addressable heat detector with all the features of FireClass detectors. The FC460H returns the temperature to the FireClass detection panel which allows various detection modes to be implemented. It uses a high quality thermistor with very low thermal mass. This allows the detectors to provide fast accurate temperature detection as well as heat detection.


·         VdS approved

·         Fixed or rate of rise temperature mode

·         Fire and fault 360° LED indicators

·         High quality thermistor with very low thermal mass

·         Usable with standard 4B detector base or the 4BI isolator base.

·         Usable with FC430SB, FC430LPSB and FC430LPASB sounder addressable bases

·         Provides detector condition monitoring and pre­alarm options

·         Great environmental performance


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