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J424-8 - 8 to 24 Zone Expandable Control panel

FireClass J400 Conventional Control Panels

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems
Designed and made according to EN54 and EN12094-1 standards (with J400-EXT extinguishment module), the J424-8 is a microprocessor based control panel for medium and large applications.

It has 8 zones main board and supports two J400-EXP8 expander modules, for a total of 24 zones and 512 devices (maximum 32 in each zone). Each detection zone is equipped with an alarm repeat output for selective alarm management in the event of fire.

The control panel has supervised and silenceable alarm outputs for the control of the selfpowered sirens, piezoelectric sirens, fire bells, flashers, telephone diallers, etc. This easy-to-use control panel is protected by a lockable frontplate which allows operational access to authorized personnel only.

The J424 control panel is also available with a backlit display, which shows all the information regarding the control panel status. The optional Console Software in Windows™ environment, allows full systems management of events memory, files, reset and all the programmable functions provided by the control panel.


  • EN54 and EN12094-1 approved (with J400-EXT extinguishment module)
  • 8 controlled, balanced, bypassable input zones expandable to 24 by means of two 8 zone expanders
  • Up to 32 devices can be connected to each zone (but no more than 512 in total): conventional fire detectors, alarm buttons, gas detectors
  • Gas zone compatible with 4 – 20 mA gas detectors
  • Manual call point recognition
  • Programmable thresholds
  • Missing detectors
  • Day/Night mode
  • Alarm verification time
  • Programmable restoral and reset times
  • One alarm-repeat output (open collector) for each input zone
  • 2 supervised, silenceable, bypassable 24 V alarm output for the activation of piezoelectric sirens, fire bells and flashers
  • Silenceable, bypassable alarm output, for the activation of 24 V self-powered sirens
  • Silenceable fault-warning output for the activation of signalling and auxiliary devices
  • Supervised fire output for telephone dialler activation
  • Programmable open-collector output
  • Alarm/fault memory up to next reset
  • Command for silencing signalling devices (sirens)
  • Command security using key and code
  • Programmable from PC or keypad
  • 50 events log viewed via PC
  • Optional backlit display
  • RS485 bus for connecting up to 4 repeater panels


  • Power supply: 230 Vac ±10%
  • 27.6 Vdc 2.5 A switching supply/battery-charger
  • Compartment for two 12 Vdc 17 Ah batteries
  • Dimensions (wxhxd): 422x502x116 mm
  • Weight (without batteries): max. 8.5 Kg


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