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FC500PSTN - Telecom Module

FC 500 FireClass Accessories

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems
FC500PSTN is a Telecom Module which allows implementing the functions of Channel Telephone Dialler and Telemonitoring (functions E and J of standard EN54-1:1996), on the FireClass 500 control panels.


  • Possibility of associating up to 3 voice messages for each event
  • Built-in multiprotocol digital communicator: Contact ID and SIA
  • 32 programmable telephone numbers
  • Programming by PC via FireClass 500 Console
  • Check for telephone line cutting
  • Excluded line tone check
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Digital message recording/playback
  • Built-in speaker for message playback
  • Installed inside the FireClass 500 control panel cabinet


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