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FC510 - 1-Loop Control Panel

FC500 Series Addressable Control Panels

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems
The new FireClass 500 is a completely programmable series of addressable, modular control panels which meet the EN54 standard and which are suitable for medium to large fire alarm installations.

Each loop supports up to 250 FireClass Digital Loop addresses – detectors and devices can be mixed and matched in any combination. In addition, each control panel offers one conventional zone for maximum flexibility for device compatibility. Network up to one master and seven slave control panels via the onboard RS485 bus for maximum expandability needed in larger installations capable of controlling up to 4000 addressable devices.

Each output can be associated up to 4 zones and/or to 3 inputs on the loop for selected intervention during alarm (location signalling, closing of fire barrier doors). NAC supervised programmable and silenceable outputs can be used for the activation of signalling devices. A non-programmable NAC, an auxiliary non-controlled alarm output and a non-controlled fault signal output (relay) are also available.

Configuration programming and management of the FireClass 500 is made simple with the multilanguage alphanumeric keypad and the large backlit LCD. The control panel is protected by codes which allow command access only to authorized personnel.

Possibility to connect up to eight FC500REP repeaters to the control panel through the RS485 bus, having the same display, advanced control function and visualization of the control panel.


  • 250 devices on each loop
  • Automatic device-drift compensation
  • 1 conventional input-line for the connection of up to 32 conventional devices
  • Completely programmable software zones: 64
  • 16 programmable open-collector outputs, 8 of which are monitored
  • NAC supervised programmable and silenceable outputs: 11 non-programmable NAC
  • 1 auxiliary non-controlled alarm output (relay)
  • 1 non-controlled fault-signal output (relay)
  • RS485 Interface for the connection of up to 8 FC500REP repeaters and up to 7 FireClass 500 Slave control panels
  • 4000 event log
  • Power supply 230 Vac
  • 27.6 Vdc 5 A switching supply / battery-charger


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