The FC460P is a sophisticated photo optical smoke detector which provides economical fire detection coverage.

High, normal or low sensitivity can be set in accordance with EN54 pt. 7.

The FC460P incorporates a unique "mousehole" design optical chamber with an unrivalled signal to noise ratio providing high resilience to dust and dirt which means reduced service costs. In addition a unique chamber cover actually draws slow moving smoke into the chamber to provide a more responsive detector. The unique design and the optical chamber screen provide immunity to small insects and thrips.


    ·         VdS approved

    ·         Optical chamber protected by insect screen

    ·         New smoke chamber design to improve smoke entry

    ·         Improved drift compensation system

    ·         Fire and fault 360° LED indicators

    ·         Usable with standard 4B detector base or the 4BI isolator base.

    ·         Usable with FC430SB, FC430LPSB and FC430LPASB sounder addressable bases

    ·         Provides detector condition monitoring and pre­alarm options

    ·         Great environmental performance